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"This Doubt Which Moves and Locates Everything", exhibition essay for Jennifer Moses: Elbow Room, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, 2016

"Frequently humor arises in her paintings through the disruption of the painting's internal logic. In the past she has described her painting process as solving a self-created puzzle of integrating multiple visual languages. Now she has focused her language, only to disrupt it with a wayward form or other singular incursion. The puffy pink stylized, vaguely humanoid cloud form that lounges in one painting inserts itself between the viewer and what we might imagine to have been a complete painting before it arrived. It settles in and gets comfortable, at once character and punch line." Read full essay >

"Kathleen Volp: PRONK!", exhibition essay for Kathleen Volp: PRONK!, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA, 2015

"(Un)Familiar", essay for 2015 book documenting Carol McMahon: Home Front, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA, 2013 and Carol McMahon: The Age of Un-Reason, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA, 2011

"Multiple tensions in McMahon’s work exclude the possibility of sentimentality. Her affinity for objects that are clumsy or awkward rather than graceful or elegant, coupled with her frequent spatial reorientation of familiar objects, gives her work a feeling of dislocation: things are simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar, comfortable and uncomfortable. And when she purposefully negates the functionality of objects by actions such as binding or nailing—whether that negation is visible to the viewer or not—the actions are deliberate, specific and necessary. They become part of the energy of the piece." Read full essay >

"Negotiated Possibilities", exhibition essay for Jennifer Moses: The Black and White of Things, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, 2014

"Yet at a time when the deliberate open-endedness of provisional painting is a much-discussed response to our era of ever-increasing uncertainty and possibilities, Moses takes an opposing path: she demands a resolution for each painting. She challenges herself to avoid remaining in an unresolved, gray area — making and ultimately committing to decisions, to the black or white yes or no of the process. The inherent tension of her finished paintings, comprised as they are of an accretion of reconsidered marks, is compellingly destabilizing: in this work the certainty of resolution does not mean that the dynamic tension has been relieved." Read full essay >

"Chimeric: A Poetic Ecology of Energy", exhibition essay for Linda Leslie Brown: Chimeric, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, 2013

"But far from monstrous, Chimeric is simultaneously marked by humor and grace, playfulness and gravity. Brown leverages the possibilities art offers, proposing a poetic, hybrid framework for considering the complex morality of our humanity in relation to the natural world through many interconnected current topics and disciplines: cloning, hybridization, and genetic modification; ecology, recycling and consumerism; and identity and familial relationships. Moving around and through the work offers viewers the opportunity to inhabit this magically recombinant space both physically and energetically." Read full essay >

Exhibition essay for Janet Kawada: Shift in Time, Kingston Gallery, Boston, MA, 2012

(all writing below published in Art New England magazine unless otherwise noted)

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Extended Reviews
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